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Domingos Lira
Full Stack Developer

Graduating in Computer Engineering with emphasis in Industrial Automation at Potiguar University. His main areas of research during graduation are: supervisory systems, control strategies (Proportional, Integral and Derivative – PID, Predictive, Fuzzy, Adaptive, Intelligent (using Particle Swarm Optimization-PSO) applied to level and flow control, As a Monitor, we have 2 years of experience teaching in Civil Engineering, Computing, Electrical, Oil and Gas, and Computer Science courses. In this period of Monitor, also helped to develop prototypes of industrial automation, modular hardware (didactic kits), besides a library that assists in the programming of matrices, polynomials, numerical calculation, identifies (PID and Predictive) and desktop applications and mobile devices to perform home automation and remote activation. As a consultant, he helped to carry out studies related to the conscious use of electric energy, in partnership with Elabora (Center for Excellence in Applied Research of UnP) and Sebrae (Energy Efficiency Program). He is currently a PMO intern at the project office where he is developing mobile applications using the Ionic Framework tool and helping to develop Dashboards using Microsoft O360 tools.